Behavior Modification Essay

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Behavior Modification In the video of the child, Noah, and his mother Wendy, Noah displays a high level of aggression. In the video, Noah displays that he is a very smart child, but it seems as if he using that to his advantage, and to show that he is smarter than his mother. The relationship between the two of them is a very bad, and unhealthy. The communication skills between them are horrible. The two of them can not have a conversation without raising their voices. The 10-year-old Noah, is very disrespectful to his mother, and speaks to her in a very inappropriate manner. In the video clip, the son yells repeatedly at his mother to shut up, and to listen. I don’t believe that this is in anyway an acceptable behavior. In the video, the son even gets up and slaps his mother in the face, while telling her to shut up and listen. Wendy sits there and argues with her son, as if they are supposed to be arguing. The son has a lack of respect to his mother, and he fails to realize that he is the child and that she is the parent, and he needs to listen to her when she talks. He is very rude, and there is even a point in the video clip where the mother asks for him to look at her when she is talking, and then he responds, while looking up for about a second, “I looked” and then put his head back down. The behavior seen in this video from Noah shows that he doesn’t feel as if he should listen to his mother, it seems as if he believes that he is in charge. The relationship that the mother is portraying is that they are more of friends, rather than a mother – son relationship. She calls him “dude” and also argues back with him as if they are on the same level, explaining herself to him, and why she does certain things, rather than be the authority figure, and putting her foot down. Wendy even goes as far as to compromising in the conversation with her son. Noah even goes

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