Behavior Modification Essay

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From the time they are born, children develop in different ways based on the reinforcement they get from situations they encounter. The way children react to those situations are based on the reactions of those around them. Social skills are mainly obtained throughout the developmental period of a child’s life, naturally in most instances, but because of the parental roll in a child’s life this sometimes can be disrupted. When considering cognitive learning, behavior is conditioned by the events an environment. In a given situation, a teacher has encountered a student with certain social short comings such as being shy and anti-social. This is caused by certain reinforcements or the lack thereof in the early stages of the child’s life. Depending on the reactions of the parents or the actions taken due to certain behaviors a child will carry on that behavior or that behavior will stop. If the child is obnoxious or unruly, the way the situation is handled is directly responsible for whether or not this behavior is continued. If the parent immediately gives in to the child’s demands by rewarding him or her with attention, the child connects the tantrums to receiving attention which would in turn reinforce the behavior in order to receive the attention the child wants. But, this works both ways, if the parent does not respond to the negative ways the child seeks attention, the child will realize this is not the way to get what he or she wants. Continuous reinforcement will cement what behaviors get rewarded. If children are not given the proper attention or nurtured throughout the early stages, when social skills are learned, it can cause a disruption in the child’s normal development also causing negative or undesirable behaviors in order to force attention Now, how does a teacher handle such a situation, how are these early staged learned behaviors be corrected?

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