Behavior Modification Essay

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Behavior Modification Doctors Bachara and Gariott did a study called, “A behavior modification system of group therapy for children with behavioral and emotional problems”. The article did not specify results, but the alternate references gave tremendous insight into how the original study may have turned out in 1974 and has been used since. The study focused on children with behavioral problems and how to remedy the problems by leaving them in the home and participating in outpatient group therapy. Additionally, the children were put on a points system for their behavior to be used in the group therapy environment, at home and in school. (Bachara) Doctors Pontow and Haley are current children’s therapists who use the same method from the journal article in treating behavior and emotional problems today. The two doctors, in combination with another two, hold group therapy sessions twice a week called Dinosaur Group. The children involved in the Dinosaur group range in age from five to ten years old. All of the children have similar behavior problems consisting of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Impulsivity Disorders and various other aggressive and emotional issues. Before beginning Dinosaur Group, each child goes through a six-month program with their parents or guardians called Parent Child Intervention Therapy (PCIT). This program teaches parents how to handle situations and retrain the children to act and react in a more appropriate way. It involves a lot of praise and one-on-one play time with the parent and child. There are certain factors that the parent must focus on during play time, like reflection (repeating the things that the child says and does to portray understanding). Another factor is praise (the parent praises the child for acting in a desired way like being gentle with the toys or

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