Behavior Modification Essay

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Terra Sheriff Psychology November 2, 2011 Behavior Modification Do you have an annoying behavior that you just want to get rid of? Drag your feet, slouch, or mumble? I chew on my pen. I can’t help but chew on my pen throughout the stressful day of school. Going to Mr. Urlacher’s class for second period stresses me out and then I remain stressed for the rest of the day. By the time his class period is over I can see the jagged teeth marks on the end of my pen. I chose to fix this problem. Over the course of the last nine days I observed my pen chewing problem. I’m going to be honest, the first two days I did not participate this experiment. I put it off and didn’t care whether or not it got done. The third day I realized this needed to get done and I noticed I chew my pen so I decided to do that. I went to school first period which is education 2020 and I observed that with no surprise I didn’t chew my pen at all that period. I honestly don’t think there was any classical conditioning terminology for this. I came to the conclusion that education 2020 is a computer class, so I don’t even come with a pen. Next, it was time for second period, Mr. Urlachers. Throughout the course of that one period I chewed on my pen six times. Then in Ms. Aberle’s class I only chewed on my pen twice, math once, ASB class none, and psychology four times. For the nest two days I realized that I chewed on my pen almost fifteen times a day. I also realized that I chewed on my pen most during Mr. Urlacher’s AP US history class. I think I chewed on my pen most during that class because that class causes me to stress out because I don’t know the answers, and everyone in there is more advanced and smarter then I am. I chew my pen as a coping mechanism so it looks like I’m thinking of what the answer is when really I have no idea. It also let’s Mr. Urlacher know that I don’t know the

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