Behavior Managemeny Essay

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WORD LIMIT: 1500 words +/- 10% REFERENCING STYLE: For this essay you must use the Harvard Referencing System. You must reference ALL your sources. For example: if you mention a particular management idea or theory, I need to know where you got the information from, so I can go to the relevant article/book to read upon it. If you have not used any sources in your essay, you will fail the assignment. Similarly, if you have used sources but have not referenced them correctly, you will fail. Internet sources are not considered quality sources of information, and should not be used. PLAGERISM: Plagiarism is when someone copies the work of someone else, and passes it as their own. Examples include ‘cut & paste’sections of textbooks / journal articles into your essays, copying your friends essay and failing to submit references. It is a serious offence. YOUR WORK HAS TO BE YOUR OWN, AND ALL THE SOURCES YOU USED MUST BE REFERENCED CORRECTLY USING THE HARVARD REFERNCING SYSTEM. Cases of plagiarism will be reported to the Chairman of the Board of Examiners and sanctions will apply. Please familiarize yourself with the section on plagiarism in the University Handbook. DEADLINE: Deadline for submission of the written essay is MIDDAY(1200) on Friday 16th of March 2012 SUBMISSION: You must submit two copies of your essay: 1. A ‘hard-copy’ of your essay to Elaine Chambers by Midday 1200 Friday 16th of March 2012. 2. A digital copy of your essay using Moodle Virtual Learning

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