Behavior Management Philosophy Essay

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Behavior Management Philosophy I believe that all students have the right to a safe and effective learning environment. I believe that teachers have the right to a safe and effective teaching environment. I believe that discipline problems are minimized when students are engaged in meaningful and interesting activities. I believe that students do best with positive reinforcement techniques. I believe that the teacher should try to be a positive reinforcement rewarding the desired behavior. This is the best agent for change. When punishment is necessary it should fit the crime committed. Bill Rogers talks about Positive Correction, he emphasizes reacting from the "head" versus the gut. He suggests stepping back and addressing just the primary behavior and not giving in to a secondary behavior, like talking back or negative body language. Also using a technique of partial agreement that focuses on the primary behavior. To me, this keeps a humane side of correcting a student. I believe it coincides with a theory of Linda Albert’s that says that students misbehave when there needs are not met. Teachers can only influence behavior; they cannot control it. The teacher is not being pulled in, away from the rest of the class, just to assert control and prove their point. It is not an effective way to correct positively. Rogers talks about separating the behavior from the person. By giving "take up time" the teacher lets the student save face in front of his classroom. He suggests giving directions and immediately walking away. I believe this is a great way for students to be able to make a choice about their behavior. When the teacher walks away, the student stops being the center of attention and has the opportunity to make a choice about his/her behavior. When a behavior arises I will ask them to stop, say "thank you" and walked away. I do not want to create a

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