Behavior Health Nursing Case Study

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Behavior Health Nursing Case Study: Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar Type Dominique DeMaio Gwynedd Mercy University My patient, T.B, is a 50 year old heterosexual Caucasian male. T.B is single Christian, with no children and lives alone. At the time of our introduction T.B was wearing blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and white sneakers, he had a casual appearance, and although he appeared slightly disheveled, he was smiling and seemed excited to meet me. T.B was oriented to person, place, and time, although he would not explain to me the circumstances that brought him into the hospital. The chief complaint as stated by the patient was “I think I messed up with my behavior in the neighborhood and the police brought me here.” He had a flat affect, poor judgment, impulse control, concentration, attention span, and was also lacking insight, but he was cooperative and coherent. T.B is single, he used to work as a driver, but has been unemployed for five to six years, although he does have an associate’s degree. He has no medical history or history of drug, alcohol, or smoking, and no criminal history. T.B has no allergies, no access to a firearm, but he has had previous suicidal attempts in the past and was hospitalized for them. T.B has a mother, father, two brothers, and one sister, there is rarely any contact between them. Although there is no significant past family history psychologically, there is a history of past verbal abuse towards T.B from his mother and father, which is a contributing factor to his problems with coping and managing anger. Other contributing factors that negatively impact the client’s outcome of treatment are that he is single and lives alone and does not have contact with his family, so he has no support to help him manage his disorder, this is a particular problem with the medication regime, as T.B has a difficult time remembering to

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