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Prosocial vs Aggressive Behavior Lacye Martini Brandman University Prosocial and aggressive behavior sit at opposite ends of a continuum for human conduct. Prosocial behavior is action intended to benefit another while aggression is behavior intended to injure another (Uhl-Bien, et al, 2014). According to our text, prosocial action occurs regularly in all human societies, and furthermore, it is innate. The authors cite four fundamental goals as reasons humans help others: (1) to improve our own basic welfare, (2) to increase social status and approval, (3) to manage our self-image, and (4) to manage our moods and emotions (Uhl-Bien, et all, 2014, pg. 279). From this, one could reasonably deduce that prosocial action has a “win-win” upshot since the choice for an individual to help another provides benefit to both parties. For example, Sempo Sugihara, a Japanese consulate in Lithuania during WWII, was responsible for one of the greatest acts of help during the Holocaust. Angered at being denied 3 times by his government to provide life-saving travel visas, Saguro risked his life and his career to save thousands of Jews from imminent death (Uhl-Bien, et al, 2014). In contrast, according to research by Alfie Kohn, aggression does not exist in all cultures. Kohn disputes the belief by earlier scientists that we have within us a natural and spontaneous reservoir of aggressive energy that builds up inside of us and must be periodically drained off lest we explode into violence. In an article written by Kohn examining whether aggression is an innate trait, he quotes John Paul Scott, professor emeritus at Bowling Green State University, Scott states: “All of our present data indicate that fighting behavior among higher mammals, including

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