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Difficult situations are inevitable and a part of our everyday existence. You can determine a person’s dominant behavioral style by the way they choose to address these situations. I have met several people who tend to thrive on creating difficult situations and somehow cannot function without the drama that usually accompanies them. This type of behavioral style is known as overly assertive or aggressive behavior. “The trouble with being overly assertive or aggressive is that such behavior frequently evokes hostility and resentment in others.” In my experience, disagreements can become hostile rather quickly when an overly assertive personality is in an upper management position. These people tend to use their position along with their aggressive behavior style to do what it takes to get what they want. “Make sure that the people you put in high or powerful positions are effective in their role. Do some anonymous surveys for feedback about managers--and have KPIs for managers as well as other staff. Make them accountable for the performance of others and the culture of the environment.” On the other end of the spectrum from aggressive behavior lies the non-assertive behavior style. With this particular behavior style, you allow other peoples wants and needs to be put in front of your own. Decision making is hard for this type as they tend to be agreeable with everyone. I have a few close family members that have this behavior type as their dominant style. I find that most of the time, we do not agree on things. The third and last behavior style is one I am all too familiar with, as this is my dominant style. It is known as the assertive behavior style. The workbook states on page viii, “Assertiveness is a most desirable human behavior.” I had to re-read this sentence several times to understand the meaning and try to differentiate it from the aggressive

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