Beh/225 Week 8 Assignment Diagnosis and Treatment

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Diagnosis and Treatment (Student Name) BEH/225 (Date) University of Phoenix Diagnosis and Treatment How is it that mania plus depression can equal bipolar? Is this even possible? When a person is diagnosed with bipolar disorder; what types of mood changes are expressed? We are going to discuss the causes and impacts of the emotions and mood changes of bipolar, how bipolar is diagnosed, and types of treatments that can help suppress the emotions and mood changes of bipolar before they get out of control. Bipolar disorder without the proper treatment can negatively affect one’s life and the ones around them. In order to understand bipolar disorder, first we have to understand the difference between mania and depression. Depression is an acute mood disorder that consists of extreme feelings of sadness. Signs of depression are a person feeling worried, problems sleeping, a loss of interest in what a person normally takes pleasure in, and memory loss. People who suffer from depression feel a loss of purpose and value in life and themselves. Depression tremendously affects a person’s daily life. Daily tasks can become almost impossible to complete because a person’s mind is overwhelmed with thoughts and seem separated from society. Depression can deprive a person from getting proper rest. Depression is brought by traumatic experiences in life that augments a person’s stress hormone, and without the proper medical treatment it can result in mental disorders and/or even suicide. Mania, on the other hand, is a milder version of depression. Mania causes a person to react opposite of a person that suffers with depression. A person with mania is hyper active, extremely unfocused, restless, and very talkative. People with mania are incomprehensive and have hopes and dreams that are realistically impossible to achieve and usually end up being unsuccessful.
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