Beh 225 Personality Assessment Paper

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Jessica Todd September 11, 2012 BEH/225 George Green Personality & Assessment Theories Personality is referred to an individual’s unique pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which persists over time and across situations. The key to personality is the concept of distinctive differences among individuals and the concept of personality’s stability and endurance. In this summary we are going to be discussing the following personality theories: Psychodynamic theories, Humanistic Personality Theories, Trait Theories, Cognitive Theories, and then the personality assessment such as the test you take for the theories mentioned above. Psychodynamic theories of personality consider behavior to be the transformation and expression of psychic energy within the individual. Often these psychological…show more content…
Some careers that I would enjoy would be: wedding planner, social worker, pediatrician, public health employee, child care worker. Some careers that I wouldn’t enjoy would be: artist, author, musician, poet, scientist, gamming designer. Me myself I would have to disagree thought because I don’t enjoy organized religion, I love science fiction, and I actually would rather do some of the careers it said I would dislike over the ones I would like such as scientist because I am majoring in environmental science. But overall the test is pretty accurate I took the test four times and each time it came out as the same results, so my concuding opinion is that this test is pretty reliable on peoples different personalities, and it is a reliable test to
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