Beginnings of Oppression Essay

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The influential ideas of “eugenists : good motherhood was an essential component in their ideology of racial health and purity.” The morals begun to nationalize and progressing override the “old individualist protests about parental rights.” Moreover, the relationship between family and state was changing. The question of reproductive control and its sexual attitudes was divided in attitudes towards overall social control. Feminism suffered from the mocking and misrepresentation. (An Intro to Women’s Studies,63) The beginnings of oppression of women by men occurred in the 1850s-1920s, the first Wave, was a turning point of metropolitan areas. There was a shift from farming to trade, with more widespread societies and industrialization. With industrialization came a female workforce and a division of labor. When Capitalism and Colonialism emerged, the gender roles were shifted by a growing economy. Women were prevented from accumulating property and wealth. In 1848, the first U.S. women’s rights convention was held and this marked a starting point to the demand of equal rights to education, property rights, and suffrage. “Echoing the revolutionary generation that had overthrown British colonial rulers, the declaration boldly called for women to overthrow the male rulers who denied them liberty.” (No Turning back, 17) Protests and walks was a consequence of the democratizing process in Europe and the United States. During this time “motherhood” was still highly valued and dignified; the term was used to oppose feminism and women’s emancipation. Women were viewed as sexual objects and beings designed for reproduction. The Nationalist discourse designated “motherhood” as a foundation for the nation because population growth was valued positively in an industrialized society. Thus a solution to a national problem of public health, of poverty, and environment. A
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