Beginning Of a Grass Essay

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John Doe Mrs. Gabbert AP Literature and Composition 20 February 2011 Grass: It’s Greener over There Grass, where is it greener? You hear it all the time: “Don’t worry; the grass is greener on the other side.” Where is this mythical other side and is it really greener? A debate has raged for many years as to if this is possible or what side is in fact greener. This question may have plagued many a generation more if it were not for a newly published paper by Kent State University professor Dr. Cody Carl. Dr. Carl has done more research into this topic than any other expert on chlorophyll and what it has to do with the richness of grass’s color. According to Dr. Carl, “[Grass] is the most advanced plant life we currently have on Earth.” Cody Carl has been researching this phenomenon for his entire career – over twenty years! The research performed by Dr. Carl has lead to the formation of two standpoints on the idea of grass being greener on the other side – one group thinks it is greener on one side or the other, while the other group thinks it is not greener. The only solid proof the group in agreement with grass being greener on the other side is Cody Carl’s study. The group against the idea that the grass could possibly be greener on the other side has a decade’s worth of no evidence to prove them otherwise. After reading the report published by Professor Dr. Cody Carl, many have been swayed to believe that the grass is greener on the other side. He has many valid points, and undeniable evidence. He made sure to leave very few holes in his argument – very small, almost undetectable holes if any; but those who are against the idea that grass could be greener on the other side managed to find one of those holes and rip it wide

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