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Beginning and Ending Notes Essay

  • Submitted by: julietandromeo
  • on September 14, 2013
  • Category: English
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9/9/13                                 Beginning and Ending |
BeginningWays of BeginningEndingWays of Ending | Whenever we read something, we generally start by looking at the first few words or sentences to grab our attention or to decide to stop reading. Beginnings are important, both attracting the readers and giving them some information on what’s about to come. When we get to the end of the text, we expect to be left with a sense of closure, of satisfaction- that the story is complete. So endings are important too. How you begin depends on your rhetorical situations, especially your purpose and audience. Academic audiences generally expect your introduction to establish context, explaining how the text fits into some larger conversations, addresses certain questions, or explores an aspect of the subject. Most introductions also offer a brief description of the texts content, often in the form of a thesis statement. If you’re writing for a nonacademic audience or genre- newspaper or website for example- your introduction may need to entice your readers to read on by connecting your text to their interests through shared experiences, anecdotes, or some other attention-getting device.Explain the larger context of your topic. Most essays are part of an ongoing conversation, so you must begin by outlining the positions to which your writing responses. State your thesis. Sometimes it’s better to state a clear thesis stating your position.Forecast your organization. You might be briefly outlining the way in which you will organize your text.Offer background information. Your readers may not know as much information as you do on your topic, gives them information to help them understand your position can be important.Define key terms or concepts. The key of the argument often hinges on how key terms are defined. Connect your subject to yours’ interests or values. You’ll always want to establish common ground with your readers.Start with something that will provoke...

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