Before I Became a Christian Essay

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Before I became a Born Again Christian, I admit that I really never had the chance, or the spirit to read the Bible. During those times, it is embarassing to admit that I don’t even remember when was the last time I opened the bible. I can safely assume that I am one of those if not nothing, had a little knowledge about important matters like Salvation, Evangelism and even Jesus Christ himself. I believe in God but I can feel that there is something missing. Not until someone invited us to their Bible Sharing and Service. I had that uncomfortable feeling, everything was new to me, I never experienced this kind of fellowship. But in Gods’ own time, I was able to accept what was at first unacceptable to me, I appreciated everything. I already found the missing piece in me, my personal relationship with Him. I became a Christian not only by words, but by faith. I had that strong and deep relationship with Him. I was able to understand things that bothers me. Since the time I became a Born Again Christian, it is a must of me to read the Bible, to reflect and think. I always resort to read the Bible when something bothers me, when problems are hitting me so hard and whenever my faith is always down. Bible is my inspirition that keeps me going thru all the challenges Bible became my ultimate guide, this is my lifes’ manual. I always make sure that my decisions are patterned and after the glory of

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