Before A Bill Becomes A Law Essay

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Review Questions 1. What are the steps a bill takes before it becomes a law? Once the bill is introduced, it is numbered and then sent to the appropriate committee. If the bill gains a committee’s approval, it is placed on the calendar to be considered. Once a bill makes it onto the calendar, it will go up for debate. Debating a bill is the process in which members of Congress can ‘Pick apart’ the bill’s wording, its consequences, and its requirements. Members might amend our initial bill to state that the country will lower emission in ten years instead of five. Congressmen and women then vote on the bill. If the bill passes the vote, it will go to the other legislative chamber to repeat the process. If both chambers approve the bill,…show more content…
Parents of one student, James Actin, sued the school system on the grounds that the drug testing violated 12 year old James’ rights against unreasonable search and seizure laws. They argued that James had never shown any signs of drugs use, and the school had no reason to suspect he used drugs. In 2002, the law was challenged when Lindsay Earls and Daniel James, participants in non-athletic extra-curricular activities claimed that because they were not athletes, and because the school system of Tecumseh failed to identify a real drug problem, their rights were violated. 3. What are the three main ways a citizen can influence a law? First, they can write to their Congressmen and women. They can also-after going through the proper channels-address Congress directly. Finally, if they feel their Constitutional (aka) civil rights were violated in any way, they can instigate a lawsuit. People can also influence Congress by voting. Those who vote control who enters various political offices and can affect those politicians’ votes on issues and bills before Congress. 4. What are the three levels of courts in our
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