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Cornejo, Andrea 05/29/15 Per.6 Ludwig Van Beethoven Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer and pianist. Still to this day he remains one of the most famous and influential composers of all time. There is no record of when Beethoven’s actual birthdate, but there information of when he was baptized and that is where his story begins. Beethoven was baptized on December 17, 1770 in Bonn, Germany. His birth was during the Baroque musical time period. His family comes from Brabant, Belgium. His family seemed to be financially well off in the beginning. His father was also musician. Beethoven’s father, Johann Van Beethoven, was said to be an alcoholic and his mother, Maria Magdalena Van Beethoven, was said to be very sweet, Beethoven considered his mom his best friend His father was better known for being an alcoholic than for his musical abilities. Not only was his father a musician but so was his grandfather, Kapellmeister…show more content…
He went to a Latin grade school named Tirocinium. As a student Beethoven was very average. At the age of ten he had to leave school because his family’s financial status as not going well. As a student Beethoven was very average. He started receiving full time Musial classes from Christian Gottlob Neefe, the newly appointed Court Organist. Christian Neefe introduced Beethoven to the famous Bach. Neefe saw real talent in Beethoven. Not only did Neefe teach Beethoven music, but also taught him about ancient and modern philosophy. In 1782, before he was even twelve years old Beethoven published his first musical composition. It was a set of piano variations on a theme that was by classical composer Dressler. In the year of 1784, Beethoven’s father’s alcoholism got worse which led to his father not being able to support for his family anymore. This led to Beethoven getting a job as an assistant court organist. He was still very young, but was given the job. He received an annual salary of 150
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