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Beer History Essay

  • Submitted by: newport09
  • on December 3, 2013
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Peter Choi
Research Topic
Beer dates back as one of the most important and popular beverages throughout human history. Mesopotamian clay tablets dating back to 4300 BC provide evidence that shows brewing began around 5,400 BC in Sumer. Beer as a staple for diet and kings from ancient times to the development of breweries; this ancient beverage has developed alongside the expansion of civilizations. Globalization has helped beer expand and compete in global markets as competition and production have matched the growing demand for different types of beer from all around the world. Through globalization, giant international corporations, the 3-tier system, and a demand for different types of beer from all around the world have been created. Beer was a vital part of civilization with the Babylonian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Hebrew, Chinese, and Inca cultures. Dating back thousands of years, beer seemed to have a special connection with humans. What role has beer played in human history and development?

Kan, Michael “Did a thirst for beer spark civilization?” The Independent (2010) http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/history/did-a-thirst-for-beer-spark-civilization-1869187.html
In this article, Kan’s theory explains how alcohol motivated man to adopt agriculture. He believes that alcohol provided the initial motivation from creating societies from hunting and gathering to agricultural societies relating directly from ancient peoples’ desire for alcohol. Examples from pottery sherds in ancient China, Africa, and Mexico show the important role beer had in the development of early man. This article gives many plausible causes but doesn’t have strong concrete evidence for support. Many of his arguments seem to be theories backed by some recent findings and discoveries. I’m very interested on his take that the desire for alcohol seemed to be a initiator for starting human civilization.

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