Beech Nut Rhetorical Analysis

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More Minutes of Flavor Robert Shipman DeVry University Professor Wunibald English 112 More Minutes of Flavor The ad posted by gum manufacturer, Beech Nut, for their peppermint flavored gum communicates the uniquely longer-lasting, better tasting flavor over other brands tested. The ad itself is colorful, simply displaying the event of an independent research study being conducted on selected secretaries. This approach directs attention to the fact that research is an effective method of determining what consumers think about their product and why. Beech Nut’s goal is to communicate to the reader that they, the consumer, can discover how long and how much they “enjoy its better, stronger peppermint flavor.” Using appeals to reason (logos), to practicality (ethos), and to emotion (pathos) they successfully and effectively persuade the reader to believe that the gum they provide has been consumer tested for enjoyment, better taste, and “more minutes of flavor.” Beech Nut uses an appeal to the consumer’s sense of reason (logos) to persuade them into believing that most secretaries prefer their gum to the other brands. Beech Nut starts out with a statement that creates an interest in the consumer to find out what secretaries think. With the use of research, the consumer is…show more content…
The consequences that result if consumers buy this product are they will “enjoy its better, stronger peppermint favor” and have “more minutes of flavor.” Using an appeal to reason, practicality, and the emotions of the consumer, the message in this ad truly stands to support the claims of the manufacturer and lives up to the title I’ve assigned to this analysis, “More Minutes of

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