Bedside Reporting Essay

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Running Head: BEDSIDE REPORTS: IMPROVING PATIENT SATISFACTION 1 Bedside Reporting: Improving Patient Satisfaction Lynn M. Dauod Grand Canyon University BEDSIDE REPORTS: IMPROVING PATIENT SATISFACTION 2 Patient handoff is an important practice aiding in a smooth transition of nursing care from one shift to another (Maxon, Wroblewski, Foss, & Derby, 2012). Passing on information at the bedside can be beneficial as well as educational for the patient in the sense that it improves communication among parties involved in the care. Additionally, the client that is directly involved in his or her own care can add any pertinent information or correct inaccuracies while report is carried out (Griffin, 2010). Although many nurses realize the significance of reporting at the bedside, this type of handoff still continues to be quite uncommon, mainly due to the misconception that it takes longer than a shift report executed at the nurse’s station (Griffin, 2010). Many studies conducted in the recent years, reveal that bedside handoffs provide countless benefits to both nurses and patients alike, satisfaction being the most important factor (Cairns, Dudjak, Hoffmann & Lorenz). Among hospitalized patients does bedside reporting, compared to other methods of shift reporting, improve patient satisfaction? According to a study conducted by Maxon et al. (2012) the purpose was to prove the suggestion that patient handoff at bedside does in fact boost nurse accountability and patient satisfaction. Data were collected through surveys before and after making the change, which was distributed to previously hospitalized clients (Maxon et al., 2012). The sample size of 60 patients (30 before the change and 30 after the change) completing the survey included demographic information such as gender, type of

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