The Bedford Boys

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Alex Kershaw is a screenwriter, journalist, and author out of Britain. Kershaw currently resides in Vermont. Alex Kershaw is well known for his journalism skills writing for top newspapers such as the Sunday Times and The Weekend Guardian. He also has been a contributing editor at GQ. As a writer and journalist, Kershaw has composed two biographies, one being Jack London and the other Blood and Champagne: The Life and Times of Robert Capa. Kershaw’s other literary works are The Bedford Boys, The Few, and The Longest Winter. Many critics feel that Kershaw has a talent for capturing the raw emotion of war and his skills as a journalist help him find the information that puts the story’s details into place. Alex Kershaw writes the story, The Bedford Boys, in a way that puts the horror and tragedy of D-Day into a soft, revealing story. Born in Britain, Kershaw feels that those men who died in Normandy were fighting for rights of his own and he feels great pride in the accomplishments of those men. The inspiration for the story came from research for another story, a biography about a photographer who captured the great events on the shore of Omaha Beach. June 6, 1944 represents a tremendous accomplishment for the American soldiers, one that Kershaw calls “America’s finest hour.” When Kershaw learned of the sacrifice made by the boys of Bedford, he searched for the story behind such a glorious crowd. Upon his research, Kershaw found why the D-Day memorial is located in the town of Bedford, Virginia. Touched by such sense of pride that overshadows the grief of a town, still in mourning, Kershaw wrote his story to show that history is never dead and it surrounds all of us everyday, like an event that happened yesterday. Within the main infantry of Bedford boys, 116th’s Company A, Kershaw found the greatest brotherhood found in a war, literally with three sets

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