Becoming Who You Want to Be Essay

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As a shy and innocent first grader, I was very unsure of myself. I never wanted to partake in conversations or do anything fun outside of school. Some people might have looked at me as a loser. During recess, I was never picked first for football and soccer. I never got to go through first in the lunch line and I never sat at the popular kids’ table. My friends often told me I was very shy. I never talked about anything exciting, nor was I good at any of the popular sports. I didn’t have as many of the awesome Yu Gi Oh or Pokemon cards everyone else had, nor did I want them. However, I did wish to change, in order to overcome my fear. I wanted to prove that I had grown up mightily since kindergarten and show that I was a big, brave, triumphant first grader, rather than an inferior elementary school kid. I didn’t want to become the most popular kid in the first grade. Instead, I wished to become less shy and show everyone that I had overcome this fear. To do this, I had decided to perform a song at our school's annual talent show. When I told my parents about this idea, they immediately rejected it. They told me that, “You’re not brave enough and we don’t want you to embarrass yourself in front of a lot people”. Most first graders would have given up right here but not me. This inspired me even more, knowing I had doubters, not to mention they were my own parents! However, there was still a part of me that wanted to listen to them. Nonetheless, another voice inside of me told be I should go on and overcome my fear. This voice told me that performing this song was an opportunity merely disguised as an obstacle. I wanted to prove my parents wrong. I wanted to prove to them that I had grown up mightily in the last year. I wanted to perform the song. Time flew by to the day of the talent show. Before I knew it, I was on stage ready to perform.

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