Becoming Parents in Middle Adulthood Essay

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Becoming Parents in Middle Adulthood: It’s about Time! Christina B. Eliserio Argosy University Abstract Why wait? Becoming parents in middle adulthood has become more prevalent in contemporary society in comparison to earlier generations (Berger, 2011). The average life-span is now around 80 years (Wilmoth, 1998). People are living longer and working towards setting and reaching personal goals, traveling, establishing careers, stabilizing finances, becoming more educated and building relationships. The social clock to hurry to get married and have children no longer ticks as loudly as it did generations ago (Berger, 2011). Expectations of adulthood have changed and the decision to wait on having children later in life is becoming a preferred route to take (Rowan, 2012). Middle adulthood brings much strength to the realm of parenting including, experience, established relationships and emotional stability. Conversely, there are challenges to be faced in delaying parenthood such as loss of energy, the age gap, and the stigma of societal perceptions (Tips for Parents, n.d.). Nonetheless, working with this age group as they face the challenges and blessings of becoming parents will be an interesting journey. Becoming Parents in Middle Adulthood: It’s about Time! When is it the best time to become a parent? With the advancements the medical realm, individuals are healthier and living longer (Wilmoth, 1998). Compared to the average life expectancy of 20-30 years in early human history, 40-60 in the early 1900s, Wilmoth (1998) stated that as society approached the 21st century individuals were reaching an average life expectancy from birth to age 80. Berger (2011, p. 643) notes “the fasting-growing age group is centenarians.” These are the individuals who are over one hundred years old! People are living longer, establishing themselves in a career,

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