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Becoming Me Through Triumph Essay

  • Submitted by: SamanthaEPryor1
  • on December 2, 2013
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Pre- Composition
November 14, 2013
Becoming Me Through All the Triumph
I was one of those kids who were bullied because of my weight and personality. All throughout school I was overweight and had very little self-confidence. Although this isn’t a unique story, I felt alone. The thoughts and feelings which I am going to be sharing will and have been felt by many other people. They will be able to relate to my story; understand the humiliation I describe. But for those who will not understand entirely because they have never experienced such a horrid situation then I hope you will appreciate that this is a hard story for me to tell. The story of why I was bullied. Even though I was cyber bullied, physically tormented, and emotionally drained beginning in my 6th grade and continuing throughout graduation, I learned not to let people get to me and to stay strong.
People sent me mean and hateful messages on the Internet along with text messages. Once you receive all this hate, I started believing the texts and messages. I was never useless and never ugly, but the comments I received from my tormentors made me believe all the hateful words the sent me. The messages began coming in more rapidly when I began approaching my freshman year of high school. “You are worthless and ugly. Why are you even here? You have no friends and definitely aren’t pretty enough for a boyfriend. Give up on life.” This is a message I received a total of 15 times in 3 days from different girls in the high school. I would be lying if I said I stayed strong. It affected me in a way I wish it hadn’t. I cried every night. I was desperate to change my appearance. I didn’t want to be smart or good at sport anymore. I didn’t want to be me. Why? Because of the bullies, I never felt good enough. Strange what my peers can make me contemplate when I felt inferior to them. I began going to counseling and taking anti-depressants and anxiety medication. The messages I got were so...

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