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Becoming Me! Personal identification and the rank among today’s societies are based on discriminating aspects by means of an individual’s reputation and public recognition. In the article, “Who Shall I Be?” by Jennifer Crichton, a student is unmistakably said to be a “soul in transit” (Kessler 238-243). There is a class of people who remain shadowed in their identity in order to build a desired reputation, or their reputation is built from judgmental assumptions of others. When studied thoroughly, the differences are clear. A thick line lies between ones reputation, recognition, and one’s true identity. The perception that society holds for any person is usually based on how a person is recognized and by the character they have chosen to carry. The recognition an individual has is solely based on image and it is especially true when growing up. People go through frequent phase changes which normally involve a change in attire and a thorough change in that of an overall physical appearance as well. The type of clothes, the hair style, the makeup, all contribute to the image of how a person wants to be portrayed by the public. The image change can result in a change of popularity, which can either positively or negatively impact ones public recognition. Public recognition tends to be based on an individual’s actions rather than of their physical image. The way one talks, the attitude one carries, the level of confidence they hold, the attention one tries to gain, and the respect one has, is all collected to create a reputation of who that person is. The true identity of a person is only thoroughly seen by the person himself once the conditioning by others has been eliminated. Today’s society is insufficient in rewarding what is believed to be conformity. Society has set standards for” normal behavior” but for one to reach true self-identification, one has to place

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