Becoming a Teacher Essay

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In an attempt to overcome some of the resistance that educators have shown toward earlier behavioral teaching methods, Boyce and Hineline (2002) introduced interteaching, a user-friendly alterative that "retains some key characteristics of earlier behavioral teaching methods but offers greater flexibility for strategies that are based on behavioral principles. The typical format for interteaching proceeds as follows. First, the teacher constructs a preparation or a (prep guide) consisting of questions designed to guide students through a reading assignment. The questions cover a range of formats, often proceeding from simpler definitional-type questions to more complex application and synthesis questions using a shaping-type format that Skinner, 1954/1999, noted was absent from most teaching methods; see also Bloom, 1956; Ray & Belden, 2007). Usually, a prep guide contains 10 to 12 items, each of which may consist of more than one question, and covers 10 to 15 pages of material, although that number may vary depending on a number of factors complexity of the material, number of days between classes. The teacher then distributes the prep guide to students, who then have several days to complete the prep-guide items before class. In class, students first hear a brief clarifying lecture that reviews selected material from the previous class period. After the lecture, students form pairs to discuss the prep guide. Although students are free to work through the prep guide at their own pace, speedy completion is likely a sign that students have not discussed the material thoroughly. If students discuss the material thoroughly, the pair discussions should last approximately two thirds of the class period during the pair discussions, the teacher and teaching assistant, if available traverses the classroom, answering questions and guiding the discussions. After students

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