Becoming a Parent Is a Gift

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Chase Simpson Freshman Seminar T. Ellis “Becoming a Parent is a Gift” In the Essay, “Becoming a Parent Is a Gift,” by Chris Huntington, Chris talks about his battle of being a father and his wife a mother. He states that in his early life, having a kid was, “...easy-so easy, I had to be careful not o do it accidentally.” As his life went on he noticed it was a challenge for his thirty nine year old self, and thirty-one year old wife. Unlike all of the other couples that conceving a child was, “easy-so easy,” for, it was so challenging for him and his wife. They went to the extent to her injecting herself with needles and bruisig herself to get the proper hormones to create a child. It was so hard for them to except that they were infertal, they couldn’t even go to places where there were kids because of how hurt they were that they couldn’t physicaly have any. Through Chris teaching in a prison, he realized that bioloy isn’t the only way of getting a kid. He looked through adoption. He found a little new born that they will adopt. He also realizes that she will be completing his family instead of her being an orphan. The most important lesson I get out of this essay about parenting is, no matter how bad something is or gets, there is always a solution and a good outcome. As weird as it sounds, I can relate this to football. We endored two a days during camp in 130 and up degree heat index on the turf. This is an obstical that my team mates nor I wanted to go through to become a football team. This is about the same as theme not being able to have kids. It was an obstical in their life that they had to face and deal with. THe soltion or greater outcoe for them was adoption. For the football team and I, it was the games. Just like the having to go through hard times in order to have a family we did too. The heat and practice made us

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