Becoming A Correctional Officer

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Running head: CORRECTIONS OFFICER 1 Becoming a Corrections Officer Everest University Edited verison for compsiton CORRECTIONS OFFICER 2 Being a correctional officer is an authority position. There will always be job opportunities in this field of the criminal justice system.. It is more than just filling out an application, getting the hired, and a paycheck at the end of the week. This is not a job for everyone. There are lots of responsibilities that come with taking a job in this field. Knowing more about the job can help a person to decide if this is a career for them. To start a career as correctional officer you have to be at least 18 or 21 years of age, not be a convicted felon, be a US citizen, and either have…show more content…
It helps to refresh their skills they already have been using and to enlighten new skills and give updated information of the policies and procedures of the facility. This helps the correctional officers to continue doing their job correctly. Not all the position in the field of being a correctional officer are a regular Monday through Friday job. When working in these facilities they never close, not even for holidays. There is always correctional officers always there to supervise the inmates. At times officers could be asked to work different shifts or even over time. A correctional officers duties are only in the facilities they work for and have no law enforcement responsibilities outside the doors. Some correctional officers working indoors and some work out doors. A correctional officer could work in cold or even hot tempatures. Being a correctional officer you could be working closesly with inmates in their cell blocks, working security or guard towers. Some work transporting inmates back and forth to and from a facility or to and from court. There are correctional officers to monitor vistiations that inmates have with family and friends. All mail that comes into and out the facility that is going to an inmate has to be checked for contraband so there are some correctional officers whos job is to…show more content…
As part of their job of being a correctional officer they are expected to give reports about inmates anywhere ranging from the work they do to their behaviors they have. If inmates violate rules or policy correctional officers are required to report this. If an incident happens and they need to go back and read about it they can do so.Working as a correctional officer at a facility that never closes, you tend to work different hours and different shifts. You have to be able to communicate with other officers to let them know things that have gone on with inmates so they have a heads up when they come on

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