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Becoming A Cop. I am interested in becoming a cop in the near future. It is something I always wanted to do and become. I will be a good cop because it is what I want to do and where my heart is. I grew up in and out of a military home most of my life. I loved the discipline that came with it, and I will enjoy this field of work. Becoming a cop is somewhat difficult. You have to at least have a high school diploma. You have to be twenty-one years of age, also you a U.S citizen and no felonies under you’re record. You really don’t need much experience, because they will train you to become the best cop suitable, but experience is welcome and will help you get further faster. You have to find out who and where they are excepting applications, and then send in your application. This is my main goal in life. This is the career I want. I don’t want to go through life with a job I hate; I want a career that I will love. I have already sent in my application to the Cook County Sheriff’s Department in Illinois. They are hiring fourteen hundred sheriffs I believe. I grew up rough; it made me want to help people and love doing it. I’m working on getting in better shape for the job. I can and will do my best to reach this goal. I filled out an application for the CPD; I am waiting on their reply. As I wait, I’m being careful to obey all the laws and stay out of trouble. I want to get into better shape physically and mentally. Either way, if I become a cop now or later, I want to have a college education. Even though a college degree is not required it is on my personal list that I want to accomplish as well. I learned that if I stay on the track I am today, I will end up where I want to be someday. I will like to become a cop; it is something I have been wanting for years

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