How to become a sucessful tattoo artist

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November, 25, 2008 Throughout history, body art and modification have been a large part of any and all cultures and served many different purposes, whether it be decoration , functional uses, symbols of growth, initiation, marks of identity, status and even used as passports to worlds beyond death. The modern depiction is much more relaxed and viewed as an art form. A modern tattoo artist is defined as “a person who applies permanent, decorative tattoos, usually learning their art under an established artist”(wikipedia). Tattoos have been apparent in many ancient cultures, “the earliest evidence of tattoos date back to a 5,300 year old iceman, discovered in the Otzal Alps between Australia and Italy in 1991 who was discovered with multiple blue tattoos located . Some speculate they were ornamental, used to indicate status, or relieve pain or ailments.”(Georgina Wiman-Rudzinski). Unlike tribal and ancient tattoos that were given for accomplishments and initiations, many people today are willing to pay the price for tattoos. The average price ranges for tattoo artists are 100 to 150 dollars per hour, depending on location, and status. The majority of tattoo artist make a 50 percent commission on every finished tattoo. There is no real formal education required. The best way to reach the ultimate goal of becoming a tattooist is to prepare a professional artists portfolio, have highly sufficient skills in art, cartooning, and drawing , knowledge of running a business, gaining an apprenticeship under an experienced and qualified tattoo artist to perfect the skill of using a tattoo gun and effectively producing small tattoos will drastically improve your chances of becoming a successful tattooist. My Individual choice of topic comes from my profound interest in art and fascination with all forms of body modification. While growing up, a hobby of mine included

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