Become a Sportscaster Essay

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First and foremost, being front and center and in the spotlight are the personality traits that drives me to want to be in front of a camera. It’s absolutely one of the things I’m most passionate about doing. Possibly one of the first things I ever really, truly believed I had a talent for. I would love nothing more than to just spend the rest of my life being in front of a camera and reporting on sports. Being an athlete, I really have a thing for sports and reporting it. I grew up in south central Los Angeles with my parents, my brother and my six sisters. As a kid living in South Central, athletics were what drove me to become a better person. Everyday the temptation to join a street gang was thrown in my face. Resisting these temptations were hard while they were trying to lure me in with nice cars and money. Luckily for me my parents knew what was best from me and did there best to keep my siblings and I away from that lifestyle. Growing up with seven siblings is hard. I was constantly fighting for attention so my parents pushed me to work harder for better grades and to perform better in sports. Though I’m not the oldest child, I’m my parent’s first child together and being there first child together they have always seemed to push me harder. I was successful in sports at a young age and after a while I developed a passion for the spotlight. The passion for the spotlight drove me to perform. I ended up becoming really passionate about working harder, staying in the spotlight, and making sure I looked good. When I was twelve years old an old coach of mine told me that when I play sports I’m putting on a show for the fans in the stands. He said that my uniform was my costume and I was to look good in my costume, because when you look good you play good. As I got older I realized that he wasn’t just talking about sports, but he bettering me as a man. Being a

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