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We all know that nursing is a field that is concerned with helping people, yet I believe that in becoming a nurse, a person needs more than that desire to succeed. It is essential for a nurse to be open, strong, determined, thoughtful and caring. These qualities would reflect on the nurse and would make caring for the patient easier. I believe that I belong to this field because ever since a child I always wanted to make a positive influence in peoples lives. I always felt the need to care for someone since I know that I have the power and the choice to do so. My philosophy of nursing comes directly from my desire to help people. I wanted to be a nurse because I enjoy being around people in their times of need and I get internal satisfaction by serving those that need help. I remember when I was a child and my mom took me sometimes to her work. I loved going with her and see what she was doing like taking care of other people and help them get well. That is when I realized my passion for nursing and I wanted to be like my mom, a nurse, to help and care of others.

When we look up the word “nurse” in the dictionary, we will read something like “somebody who cares for a sick person.” I believe that there is more into that simple definition. Nursing is a very powerful profession, it allows people to influence and touch lives. I am very willing to achieve this big responsibility. I am eager to be there for the patients through illness, injury pain, loss, grieving, birth, growth, aging and health.

I truly believe that I am suited to become a nurse. I am open and honest to communication, and these are also important traits that a nurse needs. Nurses are the main communication link between the patient and the doctor. They also often interact with family members by being empathetic to their loved one’s illness. Personally, having the opportunity to impact someone

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