“Because People Asked What My Daughter Will Think of My Poems When She’s 16"

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English 102 Reader Response Spring 2012 The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree Relationships with family, both unchSmithging and difficult, develop and leave lasting impressions. Relationships are usually acquired over time and require understanding and effort put in between all individuals involved. Some relationships, like the ones with family members, are bonded for life and have a stronger influence than ones with friends or significant others. “Because People Asked What My Daughter Will Think of My Poems When She’s 16” in Unmentionables by Beth Ann Fennelly expresses the relationship between family by the mothers foreshadowing note to her daughter. The mother in the story warns her daughter that they will forever be in conjunction with one another (Fennelly 54). This poem struck a chord with me because of the strong relationship I have made with my own mother. After having my mom read the poem, I discovered I am not alone in thinking it relates to our relationship perfectly. Before I was even finished reading “Because People Asked What My Daughter Will Think Of My Poems When She’s 16”, I could already relate myself to both the mom who writes the letter and the daughter she writes to. I look back at sixteen year old me and I wish I had a letter like this from my mom so we would have understood each other better. My mother would have written something similar to this in the past. My mom, Kelly Smith, who also read the poem, and I have had our fair share of ups and downs, as all family members do, throughout the years. We were very close when I was younger, and as I transitioned into my teenage years, we began to grow apart rather quickly. I, like the daughter is described in the poem, wanted to deny my mother when I was sixteen. As I matured and met more of life’s obstacles, I turned to my mother for support and guidance which lead to the incredible and

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