Because Of My Past Essay

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Screenplay INT. DAY - APT BEDROOM Terry, a 26 year old man, in his room getting ready for work.On his way out he accidentally drops a picture of his 8 year old son and places it on the nightstand. He looks out the window sees Susan, his girlfriend 26, out by the pool. He walks out to her. EXT. POOLSIDE - DAY FRANK you ok ? Im headed to the studio, i have work to do. SUSAN well .... FRANK well what i have to hurry up.. He walks over and kisses her on her forehead. he walks towards gate SUSAN Im pregnant !!! he stops turns around, blows breath. FRANK ok no worries i will make an appointment ! SUSAN im keeping it! FRANK (he giggles) says who ?? SUSAN Im not kidding. FRANK No !! your not keeping this baby Susan !!! SUSAN Why not frank !!! im tired of going thru this process.. (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: 2. TERRY (sarcastic) Na its not happening here buddy ! and i have to go !! Terry walks away. susan stands up and foolow him. She stops him. SUSAN what is really wrong with you terry? 4 abortions ? 6 years. at the beginning of our relationship we planned ....... TERRY that was then this is now . .. and your not having any child of mine. not now .. maybe never! SUSAN is it me ??.. TERRY susan ! SUSAN (beat) look. il have this baby if i want. TERRY Dont be stupid. Your gonna do what ever I tell you or else you could jus ... SUSAN Or else i could just what ?? Susan storms off , frank stands there in deep thought INT. MUSIC STUDIO - DAY FRANK Stop , sing it again Jay starts singing 15sec. FRANK Do it again The song plays he sings again, frank is not concentrating and messing up the studio session (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: 3. FRANK Ok 1 more time because .. JAY wtf dude .... out let the song play jaye comes outside of the booth. JAY what the hell is wrong with you seriously whats. terry blows breath TERRY susan is ...... JAY preggo ??? ...

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