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Because You Loved Me A woman in my life has opened my eyes to the trials and tribulations that come along with parenthood and striving to achieve success without jeopardizing happiness. A woman who sought out an education even when it seemed it might be the most difficult to achieve. That woman is my mother and I see now that as a child I was ignorant to the hard work and perseverance that was necessary to be successful. Not only was I blind to how hard my parents really worked advancing themselves for us and our community but I also couldn’t see that my parents were constantly integrating lessons into my daily routine for my life ahead. She knew it wouldn’t be easy and that she would have to make sacrifices; but the reward was worth the struggles she would have to work through. As children, most of us are eluded to the hard work and perseverance it takes to raise a family while trying to reach personal goals, balance a family budget and make the time to give each child the attention required for them to develop healthy minds and personalities. After being out of work between the births of my siblings, my mother knew she would have to help support our family and she hungered for and wanted her family to be filled with a constant hunger for advancement. After the birth of her third child she decided to go back to school and take computer accounting. This meant she would have to get up every morning at 6:00am to take water to the chickens, collect the eggs and feed the chickens. Then she would wake up the two oldest children; help them dress, feed them breakfast while packing their back packs, diaper bags and getting the baby ready to go. At 7:00am a van would pick her and the children up from home and drop the oldest off at the neighbor’s where he would catch a school bus with two older children. The two youngest children were dropped off in town at

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