Becaus Say Yes Book Report

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Is it as a task and burden for me before I read . After reading , as the saying goes reading enriches, then go through the book again already found that after reading this book as my two months since the most enjoyable reading experience. May and own university attended the debate team during the relevant, long time logic training, language training makes me on interpersonal exchanges, especially with the negotiations between the very interested, and the only 100-page books in sorting out and analyzing technology paper talks, almost every chapter each sentence, even each word can cause my sympathy-this resonate and not find everything new and fresh, also the totally acceptable, but described in the book opens for me the speculative and negotiation of a gate, I have for a long time in silence muddy the thinking way of raised the ripples. This book was I as a work of this methodology, namely education readers how what the negotiations, and how to use the principle negotiation, the book clues coherent theory, case enough, so I also does not have what can principle to the need to continue negotiations itself, my book report mainly based in principle behind negotiations the guiding thought, namely "objective" "empathy" "third party" this a few key words.…show more content…
The core of the talks is an objective principle, the actual act concept is to build a third party's point of view. Simply said, the principle is not from their own talks starting position, not against each other for individuals, not will negotiations into a one-dimensional tug of war, but stood in the third party Angle, will the meeting the two sides in an objective way some paper, make both parties not opinionated, sublimation thinking level, in order to win. And all the core principles through negotiations word, is "third
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