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SCHOOL OF ENGNISH FOR BUSINESS MEMORANDUM To: Mr. Kingswick, Course Coordinate From: Barnsby Campbel Date: 19 November 1995 Subject: Lesson Plan for 28 November Lecture I intend to teach memo writing in my next lecture. I plan to cover the following parts: 1. Inside Address This is omitted in a memo. As internal communication the reason is obvious. 2. Greeting It is more polite to put Mr., Mrs., or Ms before and the office after the name of the recipient. You may sometimes address the readers as a group. 3. Subject This is a phrase to tell reader what the memo is about. Sometimes only he phrase is given without the word Subject before it. 4. Body These should be short, less than 10 lines, and concentrate on only one paragraph one idea each. Sometimes for memos with three or more paragraphs, it is advisable to begin each with a heading in capital letters to tell what the paragraph is about. Another practice is number the paragraphs for easy reference later on. 5. Carbon copy This is written as c.c. for short. As in a letter, it lists the persons who are also receiving the memo. 6. Signature Only the initial is need. The office and name in print of the write are omitted. In more casual memos there is no signature at all. Any thoughts on my notes? Anything to add? Let me know at tea break. c.c. Mr. P.L. Duke, Training Office. 例二 Internal Memorandum To: Anne Bell From: Graham Davis Date: 23 March 1992 Subject: Office Furniture __________________________________________________________________________ We need some comfortable chains for visitors to go in the manager’s office Can you arrange it? We need 10 chains in either beige or dark brown. The maximum you can spend is $ 500. 例三 Interoffice Memo To: Richard Burley Dept: Market research Subject: Profits and

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