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Beavers are known to be the largest rodents found in North America and Canada. This species (scientific name Castor canadensisis) is well distributed across the United States and Canada. Yet, you will not see the American Beaver in either Florida, or Mexico. This type of climate does not suit the beaver. It is also the national symbol of Canada. The beaver reaches the weight of about 60-70 pounds. In times when food is most abundant, beavers can grow to be about 80 pounds. However, their average weight is about 35 pounds, like that of a medium-sized dog. The sex doesn’t really affect the size either. In fact, male beavers are not much larger than females. Usually, individual females are known to be larger than males. An adult beaver is about 41-46 inches. The tail can grow to be about 10-16 inches with thickness about one-half in the middle. The beaver's powerful tail that is 5-6 inches wide serves as a rudder when swimming and it has a number of other uses. The beaver is known to use the tail when standing on its hind legs. The most prominent features of the Beaver are its sharp teeth. Four incisors, or gnawing teeth, are about one inch long and grow throughout the whole life of the animal. This quality is common in other rodents arming them with an ever-effective means of managing food and other hard materials. The animal has a soft undercoat that provides for insulation during cold weather and a long guard coat. The undercoat is lighter in color ranging from reddish to brown, while the outer coat is usually of deep chestnut brown colors. Beavers use the oil from glands that are situated on the belly to grease their hairs all over the body. This simple procedure is a perfect means of protecting the coat from cold water. Beavers feed mainly on what they can find in their habitat. This includes vegetarian food such as aspen, willow, cottonwood, leaves,

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