Beauty Products and Advertisements Essay

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The focus of this essay considers four advertisements geared either toward beauty and health products, or travel bags. Collectively, I will demonstrate how these advertisements cater specifically to the differentiating demographic of age, relating primarily to the importance of social acceptance. The process of presenting such an analysis includes the use of specific camera angles as well as the power of semiotics to create appeal over an emphasis on desired functionality. Additionally, the advertisements appear to draw a separation in demographic based on such American cultural ideologies as consumerism versus the ethics of puritanism. From this distinction we can see that the depicted American Dream is either in obtaining a successful social standing or independent financial progression. In the advertisements relating to Health and Beauty, the brand Paul Mitchell seems to focus its appeal toward the middle-aged demographic. Consumers that likely approve of quality and agree that a more superior product is worth the extra buck. Visual aspects of this advertisement introduce a family on a farm with an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Although confusing at first considering that the product is for beauty, the text related to the image ensures that the product has generated from an individual that worked his way up from being a farmer in order to provide a superior product to the masses. The ad overall essentially states that he stuck to his roots in his desire to provide quality and perfected his ability to create a healthy abundance. Additionally including the possibility to achieve the American dream based off of Puritan values. Appealing to a different demographic within the category of Health and Beauty is an ad by Cover Girl. Considering that this product is less expensive, it likely appeals to a younger population as it uses the teen idol Katy Perry to

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