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THE BEAUTY OF MY TOWN By: Gemar C.Villafuerte A tiny jewel set in a valley at the end of a rugged mountain road. That is my town. So lovely, so peaceful, full of different wonders….....That is my town. I included in this brief chronicle of the town’s history and recollection of some famous places, and landmarks, of incidents that tells the beauty inside of my beloved town. The early “pueblo” existed in the banks of the Santa Ana River, where the old parish church, convent, municipal hall, and market were located. Later, due to flooding, all these buildings were moved to other location. During the time, Barili still had excellent forest, with a wealth of big and small game, like deer, monkeys, and wild pigs. Due to its moderate temperature and fertile soil, the place was ideal for many crops. Its principal products were corn (introduced by the Spaniards from Mexico), millet, cotton, abaca, cacao, and coffee. In the early 1800s, corn replaced millet (dawa) as Cebu’s staple food. Barili, which devoted 8,000 hectares to the cultivation of this crop, became the island’s corn granary. Its fields of the golden stalks extended as far as the eyes could see. There were several versions of stories appearing on how the town got its name. But one of them was made accepted as the official legend in 1908 through the efforts of the Municipal Council. “One fine day, there was a couple resting under the shade entwined with a vine known as Balili. While they are enjoying their break from work, a group of Spaniards came and one of them started playing with the leaves of the vine. The Spaniards were curious about the place, so one of them asked Como se llama este lugar? (What is the name of the place?). Confused with what they are talking about, both of them thought they were asking what the plant was and so they answered Balili. The Spaniards found it hard to pronounce, so

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