Beauty and the Beast Critique

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Beauty and the Beast Critique Not many schools have the chance to perform a full-scale project like Beauty and the Beast on the stage, let alone amaze the audience with every little detail in the set. However, the actors, band, and chorus have done a fantastic job in their rendition of the play. The band beautifully accompanied the singers and actors, reminding the audience the childlike thoughts they had when they first watched it, seeing the music and scenery come to life. I watched the play on Friday and on Sunday, and I was extremely pleased both times. My favorite characters were the dynamic duo, Cogsworth and Lumiere. Whenever either one of them or both of them waltzed onto the stage, I knew there would be laughter rippling through the audience. Another hilarious character was Lefou. The actor played a convincing role as Gaston’s henchman and doesn’t mind getting beat up a couple of times. The voices of the main characters, Belle and the Beast were amazing! Their voices in my opinion were better than the voices in the movie. The set itself was ingenious. There was a set of platforms with steps between each one going up in a step pyramid fashion to a central platform, which was the highest. Two doors that swung outward provided a portal where props can be placed in the middle of the stage with ease. Small details, like the wear and tear of the brick wall were seen even from the back of the auditorium. Overall, I was amazed and very happy with the

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