Beauty And The Beast Essay

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Children’s Literature Essay Beauty and the Beast is one of the oldest fairytales known to man. A little bit of fantasy with a little bit of fiction. It provides life lessons that society, deems important to learn. Throughout the years one lesson has remained constant beauty is only skin deep. Generation to generation the story has been passed down, changing ever so slightly but still maintaining that fairytale edge. Differences are slim but still recognizable. In Beaumont's version that we had read in class Beauty and the Beast is told more for an older crowd because of the language and dialogue as well as the ability to understand it, but the message was the same as the Disney version just the Disney version isn’t as in depth. As an actual reader the motifs in Beauty and the Best are on how beauty is only skin deep and how one sees inner beauty more than outer appearance represents peoples misconceptions in everyday life. People may look “different” on the outside but in reality they are just like everyone else and how Beauty can see the true person for what the beast really is, not because of his intimidating exterior. The beast from an actual reader stand point is seen as at first the scary villain you can say and I think all fairy tales have some sort of person or animal that symbolizes and represents something on the dark side or villain. For example the beast and the wolf in little red riding hood. From an actual reader point of view the motifs in Beauty and the Best surrounds Beauty. Her inhabitation and quality to not judge someone for what they look speaks volumes in terms of the overall message the story is trying to portray to the reader. It’s only fair that we as the reader feel some sort of compassion for someone who doesn’t ask for much of anything as a person who sees the world as if not a care. Looking back and reading it at an older age

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