Beauty and Marriage

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Beauty and Marriage What is beauty? Beauty is a quality that people have that makes them very attractive and gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind. Nowadays, no matter which sex you are beauty and marriage has become part of our lives. Society cares more about physical appearance than what is really important our feelings. On the other hand, in our society marriage has been viewed as a prison. Some people believe that marriage is boring and destroys freedom. Moreover, other people see marriage as a type of business that can benefit them economically or socially. Indeed, beauty and marriage are viewed differently today than they were before in our society. First of all, beauty is relevant with money because if you want to be a perfect husband or wife you need to spend thousands of dollars in plastic surgeries or hundreds of dollars in buying clothes and jewelry. Many men and women are self-conscious about some physical defects that may have. For instance, some women believe their thighs are too big or their breasts are too small. Similarly men believe their body is shaped funny or their clothes are outdated. In short, studies show that beautiful people get special attention, earn more money than average looking people, prefer dating people who are a little more attractive than themselves and are viewed as honest and helpful while unattractive people are viewed as rude and unfair. Secondly, marriages has been changed their meaning throughout the past of the years. Today, a man or a woman can spend a lifetime looking for a beautiful person to marry. Also, very few people marry for love and to form a family. Most men believe that if they get married, they will lose their freedom. Others may think that marriage is boring because it becomes monotones. In the United States many people gets married for business purposes. Consequently, they marry

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