Beauty and Beyond-Ness Essay

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Indeed, Life has so many things to offer and we can never tell what awaits us in the near future. There are uncertainties in life that we are bound to experience and that these uncertainties may arise through problems, issues and the like, but one thing is for sure, God never failed to guide us, and He will never leave us behind through thick and thin. He has set goals for us, or should I say, He has set our future already and that is one thing that I am definite of. He shapes the future and that we are in no position to be against on that for He knows very well what we are capable of, what we should be into, and the like. Ten years from now is like, way too ‘later’ for me to plan ahead because I consider it as part of my long term goals but anyway, what I have in mind for the near future would be that those of the typical plans of a person – to have a stable job, family and house of my own, to travel the world specifically a EUROPEAN TOUR, and of course to have a company of my own to run/manage to. A stable job and having a company of my own to manage to would be like the very place/time where I can apply all the things that I learned in school/life. Patience, Perseverance, Problem-solving and Pray are the four factors that I should apply in such case, and thus could create a good feat not just for me, my family and the company, but as well as to the employees. A European tour would be the best gift for myself. Travelling the world has always been on my list since I was still in my high school days, and even up to now. I want to travel Europe particularly Rome, Italy, Greece, Paris, and London. These are the places that I would want to go in the future – to have at least a photo with the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the BIGGEST and BEST PIZZAS in the world (Italy), and to have a photo with the prehistoric buildings and infrastructures in Rome. So go take risk,

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