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Child Beauty Pageants or Innocence Killers To the editor: Last night, after reading the article about child beauty pageants, (“Preening, pouting and posing... The spray-tanned beauty pageant toddlers in bikinis” by Lucy Thornton) a shockwave just ran in my body and left me speechless and stunned, so I thought to write a letter showing my concerns and sentiments as a mother and psychologist. The pictures of little girls shared in the articles were even more shocking because the attires they were carrying weren’t even making them look like “little” girls anymore. Heavily makeup faces, extended fingernails, extended curly hair and the spray-tanned bodies, where is this world actually going? Children are one of the most delicate creatures that need moulding and reshaping but every process should be done at the right time. The children that are allowed to take part in these pageants have age limit between 0-12. In this age children should be playing with water or marker colours rather than eyeshade and lipstick colours. It’s the age of them learning swimming rather than walking on the ramp for swimsuit round. I’m unable to understand what parents are actually trying to do? Are they really being sensible by doing all this? As I said before that this age is actually the age of carving a child and it’s only parents’ responsibility to do so but what are they doing instead? What are they teaching to the kids? I would agree with Miss Lucy Thornton when she said that this kind of contests give girls an impression that only ‘external beauty’ is important in life. The consequences of this kind of mind-set can make their life difficult in future because they will judge everything only on the base of beauty and we know that all glitters is not gold. After reading the article first question that came in my mind was why do mothers even do this kind of thing? Some mothers made

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