Beauty Essay

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Tammy Nguyen Professor Lisa Smith English Composition 101 18 November 2013 Defining the Intangible David Hume said that "beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.” It also one of the most controversial topics of all time. Beauty is the combination of different traits that satisfies the aesthetic senses; sight in particular. It is determined by the characteristics of a person, place, object or idea that provokes a perceptual experience of pleasure. Human evolution, personal philosophy, cultural sociology, and even mathematics can influence beauty. However, beauty goes beyond what meets the eye. It exists both externally and internally and is used to describe more than just appearances. Beautiful is the way you feel towards a picturesque view, or the little gestures someone does that touches your heart. It is what the observer distinguishes and how life is captured through their eyes. Beauty affects everyone and because it is influenced by a variety of factors, it is much more complex and fascinating than what society generally distinguishes. Beauty is controversial because the theme itself is entirely subjective. The subject beauty falls under the results of how one responds to the stimulation of the senses, intelligence, inspiration and everything in between. Therefore, every person will define and perceive beauty differently. How one interprets the way something looks or feels can contrast immensely from person to person. Each individual discerns beauty from their own personal perspective and aesthetic attitude. Appreciating beauty exists on a broad spectrum that extends from Renaissance art, simple melodies, the raindrops on a window sill, someone’s laugh or even crookedness and imperfection. It is impossible to identify one universal definition for beauty. Over time, beauty in conjunction with society has transformed. Different

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