Beauty Essay

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You are beautiful You are beautiful. You do not need to be like the ones that are on television. Who are they? Do you really know who they are? Or are they simply just putting on a facade? So what if they are pretty? Do you really need to starve yourself and go through plastic surgery just to be a part of the plain homogenous population. No! You must remember, individuality is the key to success, not just a pretty face. Popular culture recently has idealized certain traits in society, and has yielded to an increase in self-consciousness and irresponsible decisions. You are beautiful. However for some twisted reason, people do not seem to hear it enough. It's sad. It's sad that 20 percent of South Korean women underwent plastic surgery in the city of Seoul. It's sad that people have been brainwashed into thinking that the beauty that is publicized on television is the only physical beauty there is. It's sad that women believe they have to be thin in order to be presentable. It's sad that solely in America, over 12 million people underwent surgery to look better. Principally, it's sad that people are still willing to lose their individual appearance for the sake of a ephemeral fad, regardless of how many people warn them about the dangers. You are beautiful. You are pretty. You are you. So what if the South Korean entertainment industries flaunt stick thin women, claim that double eyelids are key to looking like a natural beauty, and favor people with heart shaped faces to be the main "image" of the kpop group. So what if Hollywood publicizes the ideal image of a person, advertising that a utopian society is filled with only beautiful people. So what if industries globally are pinpointing trademark features of physical beauty, such as the Victoria Secret models. You are you, and you do not need to be anyone else. You are beautiful. Just as you might have those
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