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Beauty: To Be or Not To Be In a world, bursting at the seams, with differences, people have always lived by the all too familiar phrase, “Nobody’s perfect”. Nevertheless, that doesn’t discourage them from striving for the highest point of perfection that is possible; furthermore, following perfection is beauty. Beauty, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind. Coming from an era teeming with the importance of self-individualism, social media has become the breeding ground for women looking to be “perfect”. Both promoting self-awareness of the body, Vogue and Fitness magazines influence women on the definition of beauty. However, Vogue centralizes on a materialistic concept to achieve perfection, whereas Fitness promotes beauty through natural and healthy methods. To begin with, propaganda, which could be disguised as billboards, commercials, or flyers, conspicuously trigger human decision. In Vogue, the first few pages contain ads of luxury clothing items. Installing the relation of beauty and expensive jeans, thoughts of materialism, like a pest, grow and expand in the minds of women. Fitness on the other hand, only has a primary focus in selling exercising clothing and equipment which enhance the appeals of working out. Through the clever advances in marketing, Vogue also charm audiences with ads of free clothes or accessories. Further impacting the spread of materialism, these giveaways are manipulating women by the masses while ads of local gym discounts go unnoticed in Fitness magazines. Secondly, even though the magazines rest on the idea of dieting to reach perfection, their methods vary greatly. Vogue influences women to “slim down” in terms of limiting daily calories. Usually, magazines like Vogue endorse dieting pills. Diet pills are the gateway methods to drastic

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