Beauty Essay

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Inner beauty and outer beauty can be a very controversial topic; which one matter's the most, which one should be the defining factor when you meet a person, or which one is more attractive but ultimately a person's inner and outer beauty work together to make up that individual’s overall attractiveness. While we instinctively know what appeals to our sense of beauty, defining what determines attractiveness is not always easy. Outer beauty is something that is constantly changing, whereas inner beauty has always been the same. Outer beauty is a bit more difficult to alter than inner beauty but it can be altered as well if you have the honest desire and intentions on doing so. They may have their similarities but they are without a doubt two complete opposites. The famous saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder holds significant truth. Everyone sees outer beauty differently. Even though it is hard to ignore the obvious beauty when you see a stunningly beautiful person, physical beauty is subjective. What one person may find repulsive and unattractive, another person may be drawn in like a moth to a flame. The qualities of physical beauty are things such as hair, facial features, clothing, body type, and skin type. Most people that refer to someone as beautiful are labeling a person in this way because of their physical beauty. Physical beauty is how pretty or handsome a person is. It is also the perception that people have on others. Some people are born attractive and others unfortunately have to cultivate it. Although a person can enhance their physical appearence with makeup, surgery, dieting, etc., for the most part it’s in their genetic makeup. Physical beauty is based on just your outside traits and nothing else. There is no depth to outer beauty, you're either attractive or you're not. It

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