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YU ZHANG Steven Norton WR 122 August 4th, 2013 Essay 2.1 Appearance and Inherence The definition of the society is that consists of a group of people sharing the same geographical or social territory. In contemporary society, with the widespread use of the media, such as the press, television, the Internet, it is hard for people to avoid these prevalent informative images, concepts and thoughts. As a matter of fact, the media is a major factor for most people to acquire the information nowadays. In order to acquire a sense of belonging in this society, people start to share the similar communication and interaction with others. However, those medias are mostly superficial, which leads to people begin to believe what they see and observe without doubts in this ubiquitous information world. On the other hand, to perceive the essence, see through the appearance is not enough. Because the more people trust what they observe without any doubts, the more minor who actually holds the truth will be rejected in the public. In other words, the society will become hopeless if everyone has the same thought. Therefore, people should not only see through the appearance from majority to perceive essence because essence needs inherence as well. As can be seen from Plato’s the Cave, Socrates said that in the region of the known the last thing to be seen and hardly seen is the idea of good (Plato 668). It means the essence of the things should not be easily seen or observed, it has to take a long time to discover. In Plato’s allegory of the cave, he depicted that some prisoners who are chained could not move in a dark cave, and the only real thing that they can see is the shadows casting on the wall. Those shadowy figures are the things they’ve seen from their entire life until one prisoner is taken out of the cave and see the real world. The physical objects and real

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